This Is How Gretchen Whitmer’s Plan Can Save Michigan

“That woman from Michigan” is succeeding despite the President’s sabotage attempts

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Detroit at Dusk (Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash)

Detroit’s early battles

That’s not how it looked for the first six weeks of the crisis. The Detroit area had one of the nation’s first four significant outbreaks, along with New York City, Seattle, and New Orleans.

It’s not just deaths

Looking only at death rates, the state’s recovery seems unclear. A chart of daily deaths looks more like an EKG than a steady decline. However, that’s misleading. The Michigan Department of Health is continuously reviewing death certificates in an attempt to categorize coronavirus cases correctly. Any discoveries are added to the state’s count on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Testing finally takes off

One of the reasons for Michigan’s recent success has been a vastly improved testing regime.

Whitmer delivers a road map

That brings us back to the Governor’s six-stage program for reopening the state. The state was already at Stage 3 when the plan was released on May 7, but it is possible to recreate the timeline.

How Michigan moves ahead

Once the tracking-and-isolation program is up and running, the state can move to Stage 4 of Whitmer’s plan — the end of stay-at-home orders. That stage will last until cases and deaths remain at low levels, and hospitals are prepared for a small second wave.

Dealing with the GOP and Trump’s “very good people”

The earlier, lightly-attended events received outsized media coverage because of the presence of guns and Confederate flags. That brought them to the attention of President Trump, who encouraged the protestors on Twitter and called them “very good people.”

Freelance writer and data scientist in Metro Detroit. Covered pro sports for and the Associated Press before COVID-19. Mentally ill and not ashamed.

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