50 States, 50 Plans, 50 Bad Outcomes

How the lack of a national COVID-19 strategy has led to repeated cycles of infections and death across the country

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Group Nine

High case rate, high fatality rate
Members: NY, NJ, CT, MA

Group Eight

High case rate, medium fatality rate
Members: RI, DC, LA, IL, MD, DE

Group Seven

High case rate, low fatality rate
Members: AZ, GA, AL, IA, FL, NV, SC, CA, NE, TX, TN, AR, UT, NC, MS

Group Six

Medium case rates, high death rates
Members: MI, PA

Group Five

Medium case rates, medium death rates
Members: IN, CO, MN, NM, OH, KY

Group Four

Medium case rates, low death rates
Members: VA, MO, WI, SD, ND, OK, KS, ID, WA

Group Three

Low case rate, high death rate
Member: NH

Group Two

Low case rate, medium death rate
Members: VT, ME

Group One

Low case rate, low death rate
Members: OR, WV, WY, MT, AK, HI

Freelance writer and data scientist in Metro Detroit. Covered pro sports for NHL.com and the Associated Press before COVID-19. Mentally ill and not ashamed.

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